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:: Gay Information & Advice ::

  1. 1st Partnership Page - devoted to Axel and Eigil Axgil, partners for nearly 40 years who were among the first legally-married gay couples after the passage of Denmark's 1989 Partnership Law.
  2. Adventures of Ted and Mark - their 6th anniversary celebration.
  3. Alan and Steve - long-term gay couple on politics, sex, sanctimonious religious zealots, and spirituality.
  4. Alex's and Jeff's Page - their dogs, garden, tips on growing tropical plants, and more.
  5. Andrew and Mano: Our Marriage - personal view of the current anti-gay marriage hoopla.
  6. Bob & Colin - how they met, why they love Maui, their kitties, fascination with tchatchkees, and life as a gay Los Angeles couple.
  7. Brian and Tim - gay couple's photo album and resource links.
  8. Cory and Ken - happy gay couple living together in Sandusky, Ohio.
  9. Damian and Tony - gay Australian couple into the environment. Includes coming out and love story.
  10. David and Geoff - home of a gay pagan couple focused on the craft.
  11. Donjon Hompepage - Donovan and John, two gay men sharing one romance and celebrates the fact that gay relationships can and do succeed very well.
  12. Doyle and Rebstock - gay couple living in Maryland suburbs with links to gay marriage issues.
  13. Greg and Matt's Wedding Site - celebrate their wedding with a site allowing guests to interact with one another before and after the wedding.
  14. Hans and Thomas - about us, coming out, and our wedding.
  15. Happel, Aaron and Eric - gay and lesbian resource site with section devoted to gay youth.
  16. Ian and L-Bit - Down Under couple.
  17. Jeff and Brian - couple in Canada. Includes coming out stories and pictures.
  18. Jeff and Will - happy couple living in New York City shares what they are doing.
  19. Jeff N Tom - 2 Boys N Love - multimedia web resources & personal stories.
  20. John & Kalle - Danish couple shares their wedding, family, and galleries.
  21. Johnson, Scott & Guldbeck, Gary - easy-going couple open to new friends and adventure.
  22. Ken and Axel - happy 20something gay couple who've been together since 1992. Information about us, gay marriage, lots of pictures and links.
  23. Kirt & Roger - home of the Arcticmen in Alaska.
  24. Larry and Albert - couple from Santa Fe, New Mexico who believe that solutions to all the world's problems will be found through love and forgiveness.
  25. Mano and Andrew - Our Marriage... - personal view of the current anti-gay marriage hoopla.
  26. Nelson, Bridget and Debbie - once a heterosexual, married couple. Now a happy, fulfilled same-sex couple.
  27. Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep - tomb of two men from ancient Egypt who were buried together. Sounds pretty obvious to me.
  28. Owen, Scott and Hans
  29. Pavluvcik, Rob and Michael - stop by and see Rob and Michael as they renovate their old home in Malden's lovely West End.
  30. Rick & Trevor - gay couple living and loving in the Twin Cities.
  31. Rob and Eric - the Alaskans - describes their life on the Last Frontier.
  32. Roland and Billy - bisexual, Internet Lovers.
  33. Ron and Bryan - proud men in a long term relationship.
  34. Ross and Bob - welcome to our islands around the world.
  35. Steve and Rick - as we approach our 20th anniversary as a gay male couple, we have tried to tell a little bit of our story.
  36. Takashi and Phillip - Japanese/Australian couple offering personal stories of life in Tokyo.
  37. Tom and Mike - couple from Switzerland, pages in German and English.
  38. Wes and Tom's Cool Site - intimate details of a gay male couple with AIDS.
  39. Will and Rico's Shared Web Site - gay couple living in SF. Learn how we met, our courtship, and marriage.
  40. Patrick's "How To" Sex Guide - if for any reason you need to learn "technique" this is your guide. Perfect for closet case fratboys, or curious gay boys alike.
  41. Sexual Problems in Gay Men Survey - research project with the objective of determining the nature and severity of sexual difficulties experienced by gay men.
  42. Sexuality and the Birth Chart - research project and survey seeking to determine the relationship between sexual orientation and astrology.
  43. US Gay Advocacy
  44. ManSeek - features chat, personals, and events.
  45. Men on the Net
  46. Persian Rooster's Gay Adult Links - links to free sites, as well as regular reviews of pay sites to see if they're worth it.
  47. 1st Partnership Page - devoted to Axel and Eigil Axgil, partners for nearly 40 years who were among the first legally-married gay couples after the passage of Denmark's 1989 Partnership Law.
  48. Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons - document issued by the Vatican in 2003 encouraging lawmakers and religious leaders to oppose gay marriage.
  49. Domestic Partnerships and Same Sex Marriages - from Carnegie Mellon University.
  50. Equal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples - maintained by Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell. Offers news and information about gay marriage in Canada, the difference between Registered Domestic Partnerships and full marriage, and more.
  51. Gay Divorcee, The - research project concerning issues involved in the dissolution of same-sex relationships.
  52. Gay Husbands/Straight Wives Help Page - provides counseling, chatroom, and message boards for others to share their concerns and questions with a professional.
  53. Gay Marriage: The Arguments and the Motives - personal essay discussing the points underlying common arguments against same-sex marriage.
  54. - supports legal and social sanction of lesbian and gay relationships and families.
  55. Here Comes the Groom: A Conservative Case for Gay Marriage - Andrew Sullivan's 1989 column explaining the utility of legally-recognized gay marriages.
  56. - petition drive by the Human Rights Campaign to mobilize a million voices in support of civil marriage for gay and lesbian couples.
  57. - from the American Family Association. Includes information about the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment and articles defending marriage as a heterosexual institution.
  58. Queer Wedding Webring - brings together sites devoted to weddings, unions, and commitment ceremonies for lesbian and gay couples.
  59. Same-Sex Marriage: A Selective Bibliography - points to materials on past and current legislation, case law, and legal articles devoted to gay marriage.
  60. Same-Sex Marriages & Civil Unions - brings together basic information about gay marriage and discussions arguing all sides of the issue.
  61. spouse-support - for straight spouses and their bisexual partners who are trying to make their marriages survive and thrive.
  62. Vermont Civil Union & New England Commitment Resource Guide - for residents and nonresidents. Includes articles, advice, links, and more.
  63. 1 Gay Boulevard - adults only gay chat community offering free chat rooms, message boards, and more.
  64. Gay Dad Mailing List - for gay/bi dad's who would like to share the joy, pain, support and rewards of being a Father.
  65. Gay Universe Board for Disabled Men - message board.
  66. LatinoWebspot - dedicated to men seeking Latino men.
  67. Paul's Waka Waka BBS - safe and fun place for gay chubbys (chubbies) chasers and bears.
  68. #Gay-Cowboys - EFNet's IRC channel site for all gay cowboys.
  69. #gayboyz - a channel for gay guys to talk and hangout with others of their kind.
  70. Gay Black and White IRC Channel
  71. #GAM - international channel.
  72. #gamth - IRC channel for gay men in Thailand.
  73. #Gayasian
  74. GayAsia Netgazine - gay adult site for all gay Asians and those who love Asians, with nude pictures, personal ads, etc.
  75. New Urban Male - online magazine for Asians.
  76. OG Magazine - magazine about gay Asian men. Includes info on subscription plus some photos.
  77. Fur On Film - guide to furry actors & the films that reveal their wonderful bodies.
  78. Men On Film - gay movie database - reviews, news and more for gay-themed movies.
  79. Shergood Forest - offers art, literature, and entertainment for gay men.
  80. Ask Essex - questions and answers on queer love and sex.
  81. Ask Papa
  82. Ask Sandy
  83. Moan2Me - provides information and advice from lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites, and transexuals, who have a diverse background of experience.