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:: Lesbian Information & Advice ::

  1. Chris and Cathy - meet our family and friends, see our wedding pictures, and more.
  2. Dee and Woofer - see the closets of their minds.
  3. Dreams and 8ball's World - description of the lives of two young lesbians in love.
  4. Emily and Jan - lesbian couple from Australia.
  5. Frankie and Rachel - to provide education for those who need it, entertainment for those who want it and a kick in the ass for those who deserve it.
  6. A Dyke's World - portal for lesbians, with personals, erotica, art, jokes, and more.
  7. Angelfish Network - a community for lesbians with a focus on diversity.
  8. Christian Lesbians - provides resources for those women who are just coming out and struggling with reconciling their faith and their sexuality.
  9. Classic Dykes Online - cyber-network for lesbians in midlife and beyond featuring message boards, matchmaking, classic couples, advice, and more.
  10. Comprehensive Lesbian Image Test - C.L.I.T. enables you to determine what kind of a dyke you are.
  11. - funky lesbian site featuring love advice, celebrity quizzes, and space for rants, art and poems.
  12. Lady Love - offers personals, chat, forums, and more.
  13. Lesbian Flirting 101 - lessons in flirting basics, stories, and comics.
  14. Lesbian Worlds - support, resources, and information on issues relevant to lesbians and bisexual women in search of support, discussion, and community.
  15. - offers directory of links, introduction to the Internet, discussion lists, and more.
  16. Lesbians - created by lesbian filmmaker Barbara Hammer this is a collective cyberspace biography. Write your visions, your stories, scan in your photos, your drawings, send your music scores, your quicktime videos, make a pledge: be visible!
  17. - committed to bringing you the finest quality information about the girls you love, and the ones who love you back.
  18. Shoe - totally girl powered. Sign up for free membership for access to member profiles and more.
  19. Techno Dyke Headquarters - interactive site for wired lesbians. Includes dating, message boards, live chat, and news.
  20. Women Loving Women Webring - by and for lesbians and bi women.
  21. Curvey's Lesbian Links
  22. Groovy Annie's Links for Canadian Lesbians - features Pride Week information, personal home pages, and news and events pertaining to the lesbian and gay community in Canada.
  23. Lesbian Health Web Ring - dedicated to the health of lesbians and all other women who have sex with women.
  24. Lesbian Links
  25. Lesbian Primetimers Webring - connecting websites by and for lesbians over forty.
  26. - resource for, by, and about lesbians and queer women.
  27. Bound by Desire - woman's BDSM club in Texas for lesbian, bi-sexual, heterosexual, and transgendered women with a serious interest in the lifestyle.
  28. Exiles - social and educational organization in San Francisco for women with a positive personal interest in S/M between women.
  29. F2F Dungeon - women-only IRC dungeon.
  30. Females Investigating Sexual Terrain (FIST) - social and educational club for women interested in SM, leather and fetish between women.
  31. HerCurve - offering erotica, sex advice, fiction, and forums on sexuality for women of all sexual orientations.
  32. Kinky Women Expanding Boundaries - a web site for, by and about kinky women. A place where women interested in exploring their sexuality can find that they are not alone.
  33. Lesbian Safer Sex - are lesbians at risk for contracting HIV from each other?
  34. #Lesbian_Europe - introduction and rules for the European women's chat channel.
  35. #Leschat IRC - the friendliest dyke-space on the net!
  36. #Tibok Online - place where Filipino lesbians can express themselves thru their own creativity, feelings, and talents.
  37. Canal Lesbians BrasIRC
  38. FunkyDiva Live! - for Java-capable browsers.
  39. Gay Universe Woman to Woman Chat - Kentucky
  40. GrrlTalk - a listing of lesbian and lesbian-friendly IRC channels.
  41. Lesbian Chat Online - for lesbians worldwide.
  42. Lesbian Chat World - includes photos, nuptials, lifestyle clubs, and forum.
  43. Lesbian Friends Chat - ICQ chatroom.
  44. Single Lesbians Chat ICQ - lesbian chat.
  45. Women of the Undernet - information and links for lesbians, bisexuals, etc. Undernet channel listings and email addresses.
  46. Wymyn's Chat [telnet] - for womyn who wish to meet other womyn to discuss things that are of interest to them. Males are welcome, but please do not expect the womyn to throw themselves at you.
  47. Afterglow: A Help Site for Women - online newsletter for women featuring links for health, teen resources, and message board.
  48. BushBaby - offers fun and entertainment for lesbians in the U.K. Contains a gallery, erotica, jokes, message board, and more.
  49. Diva - mainstream lesbian magazine launched in 1994.
  50. Dyke Xploitation - entertainment for lezzies and their pals.
  51. Dykes, Disabilities and Stuff - quarterly newsletter that is expressly devoted to the health and disability concerns of lesbians.
  52. - e-zine and community with news, advice, chat, and interactive personals.
  53. Girlfriends Magazine - offers a lesbian perspective on culture, politics, literature, entertainment, and more.
  54. Lesbian News, The - national news magazine available at bookstores and by subscription.
  55. Lesbians On The Loose - includes Australian news, features, travel information, and classifieds.
  56. Lesbo - political, social, and cultural nonprofit quarterly. Also in Slovensko.
  57. On Our Backs - erotic magazine by and for lesbians.
  58. Shescape E-zine - lesbian culture, opinion and events e-zine designed exclusively for the wired dyke.
  59. Weird Sisters - monthly profile of the lesbian, bisexual, and alternative women's community.
  60. Wishing Well - designed for women-loving-women who have no other way to locate their sisters, as well as for those who simply want to broaden their horizons beyond their local areas.
  61. Women In The Life - lesbian monthly featuring arts reviews, poetry, interviews, issues of interest to women, movie reviews, sports highilghts and a cornucopia of intelligent prose.
  62. Amazon Online - events, politics, clubs and bars, restaurants, and resources for lesbians and bisexual women.
  63. An Uncommon Legacy Foundation - dedicated to enhancing the visibility, strength, and vitality of the lesbian community.
  64. Asia Lesbian Wave - dedicated to building an Asian lesbian movement; in Japanese and English.
  65. Astraea National Lesbian Action Foundation
  66. Bon Vivant Foundation - nonprofit lesbian organization committed to creating a better, more cohesive community.
  67. Dutch Foundation For Lesbians and Bisexual Women
  68. Forth Valley Gay Women - social group for lesbians and bisexual women in the Forth Valley region of Scotland.
  69. KLAF - Community of Feminist Lesbians in Israel.
  70. Lazeeza - Arab lesbian group.
  71. Out Against the Right Handbook - hands on guide for fighting the Christian Right by the Lesbian Avengers Civil Rights Organizing Project.
  72. San Francisco, CA - direct action group of lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered women focused on issues vital to our survival and visibility.
  73. Lesbian Information Service - provides support to lesbians of all ages and backgrounds and offers online publications, research, and resources on lesbian and gay issues.
  74. Lesbian Moms - designed to help those women out there who want to have babies through non-traditional means, specifically lesbians.
  75. Lesbian Mothers Support Society - nonprofit group which strives to provide peer support for lesbian parents.
  76. Lesbian Resource Center - combatting oppression and promoting empowerment, visibility, and social change.
  77. LesGo Online - news, calendar of events and more for lesbians in Whatcom County.
  78. National Lesbian Political Action Committee
  79. National Organization for Women - Lesbian Rights - check out what they have done for lesbians. Includes some links to related sites.
  80. Ohio Lesbian Archives - collects lesbian culture, books, posters, buttons, and more.
  81. Only Fruit - U.K. community for lesbian and bisexual women.
  82. San Diego Career Women (SDCW) - promotes professional networking, educational, recreational, social and cultural events for all gay women.
  83. Sapfo - lesbian organization in Finland.
  84. SAPHO - first lesbian organization in Lithuania.
  85. United Lesbians of African Heritage (ULOAH) - host of SISTAHfest, a retreat in the Malibu hills, producers of newsletters and other activities promoting Black lesbian empowerment and sisterhood.
  86. Voices: Bay Area Lesbian Choral Ensemble - primarily a cappella group whose dual purpose is to combine musical excellence with lesbian visibility.
  87. Women in their 20s - weekly social/discussion group for lesbian, bisexual and other interested women.
  88. Women Meeting Women - lesbian social organization covering Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.
  89. Womyn of Zami - informal discussion and social group for black lesbians, bisexuals and womyn exploring their sexuality who are in their 20s.