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:: Marriage Counseling & Advice ::

  1. Complete Marriages - offers online marriage counseling, nation-wide marriage seminars, and free online marriage materials.
  2. DivorceCare - database of 1500 divorce recovery support group locations and other resources for recovering from the hurt of separation or divorce.
  3. FACES - offers services for children and parents going through divorce and separation, including conflict resolution, anger management, and co-parenting issues.
  4. Family Communication Center - support groups, group therapy and individual, couple & family counseling, all based upon a sliding fee scale.
  5. Family Institute of Cambridge - family therapy training, psychodrama, narrative therapy, public conversations, video and interpersonal skills. CEUs for psychologists (APA) and social workers (NASW).
  6. Family Services, Inc. - dedicated to providing services committed to strengthening family life and improving the lives of children.
  7. GTO Family Ministries - provides marriage enrichment articles, books, and tapes.
  8. Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc. - offers the Couple Communication program for interpersonal or marriage enrichment skills.
  9. Jewish Family Service of Metro West - family life education, domestic violence outreach, adoption services, and older adult services.
  10. Lutheran Family and Children's Services of Missouri - providing adoption, counseling, education and resources to assist with physical and emotional needs.
  11. Marriage and Family Health Center - Drs. David Schnarch and Ruth Morehouse offer wellness-based approaches to intimacy, sex, and relationships.
  12. Marriage Builders - answering questions about relationships, marriage counseling, and divorce. Author of "His Needs, Her Needs."
  13. PAIRSnet - help about love, communications, intimacy, sensuality and sexuality, and fair fighting.
  14. PREP, Inc. - couples workshops, instructor trainings and educational materials based on University of Denver research.
  15. Reviving the Romantic Marriage - offers a couples treatment program, based on strategies from ancient archtypes. By Lawrence Weathers.
  16. Saratoga Family Health Center - integrated practice of psychotherapy for couples and families.
  17. Singer, Gayle, LCSW - helping children to express and deal with the trauma of divorce.
  18. Smalley Relationship Center - seminars, forums, and a radio talk show about marriage and family relationships. Includes store with video and books.
  19. Stepfamily Foundation - "step" relationships occur after the divorce of a couple or the death of a spouse and when there are children from the prior relationship.
  20. Stepping Stones Counseling Center - Ridgewood, NJ - founded to help stepfamilies in New Jersey.
  21. Wallace Psychological Center - Santa Monica, CA - family psychological services and the Ecstacy for Couples weekend.
  22. WholeFamily Center, The - explore marriage, family, child and teenage relationships and everyday conflicts using interactive counseling programs and multimedia real-audio drama.
  23. ASAWA - explores marital relationships between non-Filipinos and Filipina women.
  24. Basic Factors For A Happy Marriage - advice for obtaining satisfaction and happiness in marriage.
  25. Competent Couples - communications, intimacy, relationships skills course and adjunct/alternative to marriage counseling, couples therapy, and psychotherapy.
  26. International Couples' Page - for those of you who are married to a person of a different nationality.
  27. Love and Marriage Quotations - quotations regarding love, relationships, weddings, and marriage.
  28. Marriage Enrichment - a site devoted to relationship enrichment, designed to offer couples a confidential and inexpensive alternative to traditional counseling.
  29. Marriage Support - an interactive site, supports marriage and other couple relationships. Provides information, skill-training and networking services including a newsletter and discussion forums.
  30. Marriage Toolbox, The - honest and humorous articles, columns, and resources for creating, maintaining or repairing marriage.
  31. Retrouvaille - a program to help couples heal and renew their own marriage relationship.
  32. Reviving the Romantic Marriage - offers a couples treatment program, based on strategies from ancient archtypes. By Lawrence Weathers.
  33. - humorous articles and message forums for women coping with the challenges of marriage and commitment.
  34.  - web site with advice for American men, suggesting that they should not marry, or should marry foreign women