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Relationship Advice

  1. ! Seduction & Dating Advice - offers tips and advice on meeting and dating women.
  2. Aalize's Advice - features sassy advice on sex and relationships.
  3. About Relationships Love Dating Weddings and Divorce - offers advice on relationships, family, lifestyles, sex, romance, marriage, and more.
  4. About Your Breakup - advice for understanding and overcoming the pain of breakup, separation, divorce, and lost or unrequited love. Includes message boards, chat, and breakup horoscopes.
  5. About: Dating Advice
  6. Acme Love - includes tips on flirting, romance, and seduction, as well as message boards and chat, historic romantic letters, and more.
  7. Adulthood Wonderful - provides advice in reviving love, getting romantic, and getting over break ups.
  8. Advice Central - offers advice on marriage, babies, teen issues, or anything at all.
  9. - official site of nationally syndicated advice columnist Amy Alkon.
  10. Art of Loving - provides advice on singles, families, sex, and also offers workshops.
  11. Ask Kate - What do women want? Dating advice for men.
  12. Ask Nina Now - offers advice for teens and young adults about dating and relationships.
  13. - Dating Advice - provides articles about dating, dating advice, and other information about relationships.
  14. Breakup Girl - here to help with relationship advice.
  15. Brenda's Dating Advice for Geeks - dating advice for the computer gaming industry.
  16. - virtual platform that allows users to share things about themselves and seek advice on issues that they might not be prepared to reveal to friends or family.
  17. Dating Tips and Pick Up - offers advice to meet women, flirting, blind dates, and seduction.
  18. Dating: Dating Advice for Women. Find Love, Romance, Happiness. - dating advice for women seeking love, romance, and permanent partners. Topics include Internet dating, sex, and safety.
  19. Dear Cupid - offering romance advice.
  20. Direct Answers from Wayne and Tamara - offers relationship advice from syndicated columnists Wayne and Tamara Mitchell.
  21. - advice for men on how to approach women.
  22. HeartBeat - advice on African American and interracial relationships.
  23. Help Save Tess And Luke's Relationship - watch the intimate and personal video-mails that this on-and-off couple send one another. Then, send them an email with your advice.
  24. - offers information on relationship common phrases and maneuvers for women.
  25. How to Lay Girls Guide - seduction tips and strategies.
  26. I'm Right, You're Wrong - entertainment forum that allows two parties to post arguments of a personal dispute online. Registered users vote to render a guilty verdict in a quasi-legal manner.
  27. iDate - advice, information, and inspiration to dating, relating, and mating.
  28. Relationships - tips and advice for women on marriage, dating, romance, breaking up, sex, and other love and friendship issues through articles, chat, and message boards.
  29. - offers advice about sex and relationships.
  30. Ladies' Home Journal: Relationships - offers advice on marriage, dating, sex and intimacy, friendships, men, infidelity, and divorce. Also features relationship quizzes.
  31. Love & Learn - relationship questions answered by a panel of non-experts. Offers panel biographies, past questions, and more.
  32. Love Lounge - offering advice on relationships, teenage problems and more.
  33. Love Redeemer - offers explanations on relationship problems.
  34. Loveman - offering advice to the love-lorn.
  35. Marriage Saving Ideas - offers enrichment ideas, inspirational reading, and newsletter.
  36. Mood Swingers: After the Breakup - offers advice on how to deal with breaking up. Includes jokes, poems, songs for the dumped, and more!
  37. - advice on love, romance, dating, and family relationships. Site includes questions and answers, how-to guides, message boards, personal stories, book reviews, and more.
  38. Relationshit - find out what's wrong with your relationship and why.
  39. - relationship and dating advice and tips from Rhona Raskin, host of the 'Rhona at Night' radio show.
  40. - lets guys post questions that they would like answered from a female perspective.
  41. WildxAngel - offers advice about Internet dating.
  42. Ask Dr. Love - for those with problems with love, romance, or relationships.
  43. Ask Dr. Tracy - searchable encyclopedia of love advice, advice column, and private counseling from relationship expert Dr. Tracy Cabot.
  44. - offers love, relationship, dating, family, or life advice, via email or phone.
  45. Because the Moment Matters - provides information about the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system, Mirena, as well as tips for increasing intimacy provided by relationship expert Dr. Judith Sherven.
  46. Dating Doctor - offers advice, information, and lectures about relationships.
  47. Dating Manual - offering advice on pickup techniques, sex talk patterns, kissing tips, flirt guide, and sexual games.
  48. Dating-Insider - hard-hitting success secrets of real life romancers and pick-up artists who know the ins and outs of attracting women.
  49. Flirt Advice - offers several experts on flirting to answer your questions.
  50. How to Get Any Woman to Fall Madly in Love with You - discusses the powerful emotional triggers to win women.
  51. How to Pick Up Chicks - offering dating advice on how to meet single women. Includes tutorials on attracting girls using online personals and overcoming shyness.
  52. KenXtions - offers a series of audiobooks and videos that helps build confidence to approach, meet, and date people without the use of personal ads or dating services.
  53. Love Tactics - offers an online multimedia version of a book teaching dating principles and strategies.
  54. Precision Dating System, The - package which includes information, strategy, and suggestions for building confidence and more successfully attracting, dating, and having sex with women.
  55. Quality Dating Services - reviews online dating services and provides online advice and tips.
  56. RomanceClass.Com - offers a free online course in finding a relationship and making it work as well as selling romantic books, movies, and posters.
  57. - features romantic tips, date ideas, and romance advice for men and women. Also offers a selction of related books.
  58. Ultimate Girl Meeting Guide - facts, tips, and easy-to-use techniques for meeting and dating any woman, anywhere, at any time.
  59. Win With Women - offers subscribers an online guide to meeting, attracting, and dating women.
  60. #LoveShack - interpersonal relationship advice/help centre designed to assist persons with both romantic relationships and those that are platonic.
  61. - have you ever given your heart to someone, only to have them throw it on the floor, spit on it, and then pull your hair?
  62. American Love Stories - stories about couples who have established intimate relationships that cross racial, religious, ethnic, geographical, age, and other boundaries.
  63. Conversely - online destination for exploring relationships between men and women. Advice, articles, discussion, memoirs, and fiction.
  64. Digital City Emotion Detector
  65. Dumped Online - for those who've been dumped or have dumped a partner. Includes humour, advice, excuses, forums and more on relationship break-ups.
  66. Electronic Relationship Advisor - offering experiences, advice, links, and inspiration regarding online relationships.
  67. Joelogon's Foolproof Guide to Making Any Woman Your Platonic Friend - "I Just Want to be Friends" explores platonic relationships between women and men.
  68. Laurie's LoveLogic - frank talk about love and relationships.
  69. Lost Love Registry - confidential registry for those who wish to find out if lost loves, ex- girlfriends, or ex-boyfriends would be interested in reuniting.
  70. One Day at a Time Relationship Survival Guide - Daily readings and thoughts for those struggling with or wanting to improve their relationship.
  71. Relationship Growth Online - free romantic relationship assessment and improvement worksheets. Also offers books by best selling authors.
  72. Relationshipweb - includes an extensive directory helpful relationship links, discussion forums, books, and help on affairs, marriage, dating, divorce, addiction, abuse, and breakups.
  73. Romanceopedia - a romance and relationship-themed guide for singles and loving couples seeking new ideas, informative articles, and helpful advice.
  74. So You've Been Dumped - where the people who dump and get dumped can get empathy, support, and advice.
  75. Spouses and Partners - learn the legal ups and downs of relationships: living together, marriage, divorce, domestic violence, and more. From the Nolo Press Legal Encyclopedia.
  76. Taller Women and Shorter Men - dedicated to couples where the woman is significantly taller than the man. Opinions and experiences are welcome.
  77. Tropical Flame - offers forum to share personal views about love, marriage, friendships, and problems.
  78. Words Can Heal - national campaign to eliminate verbal violence, curb gossip, and promote the healing power of words to enhance relationships at every level.


Interracial Related

  1. Frontline: Secret Daughter - the story of a mixed race daughter and the mother who gave her away. Share your thoughts and read and hear historical examples of mixed racial heritage and family and showbiz stories about race.
  2. HeartBeat - advice on African American and interracial relationships.
  3. Interrace Haven - for interracial couples, biracial/multiracial individuals, and their families.
  4. Interracial Voice - published every other month as an independent, information-oriented, networking newsjournal serving the mixed-race/interracial community.
  5. - features a directory of resources for interracial relationships.
  6. Jei's Interracial Resources Page - features links and discussion forum.
  7. Mindkandy's Interracial Debate & Relations - offers discussion boards on various topics.
  8. Polly Wanna Cracka? - features resources and information for interracial relationships.
  9. Web Directory: Interracial/Biracial Resources


Extramarital Affairs Related

  1. AffairLady - explore a study of extramarital affairs. There is a questionnaire available for anyone who is or has been involved in an extramarital affair.
  2. After the Affair - An affair does not need to be the demise of a relationship, it can be the beginning of a new, more vital and alive one; the 'Intimacy Model' helps.
  3. America Discreet Networks D.A.N. Society - discreet community of men and women who desire interaction only with others who share their same desire for romantic discretion.
  4. Arrow in the Heart - offers a forum exclusively for those recovering from a spouse's affair.
  5. - links and information to help detect and prevent infidelity on the Internet and in real life.
  6. ChosenPath - deals with issues about extramarital affairs from all angles.
  7. Extramarital Affairs Help
  8. Monogamy Myth, The - guide on extramarital affairs for all men and women.
  9. Other Woman, The - place for those involved in an affair to speak freely and honestly with others who experience the same highs and lows they do.
  10. Philanderers International - dedicated to those actively involved or seeking an extramarital affair.
  11. Scandalous Women - a guide to cuckolding for women.


Divorce Related

  1. #1 Stop Divorce Advice and Information Online - offers advice, resources, and information for people and families going through divorce.
  2. Adult Children of Divorce - page for those of us whose parents divorced in our adult years.
  3. Better Divorce - discusses alternatives to the bitter divorce.
  4. Broken - when parents split from a kids perspective.
  5. Divorce Central - service and support center for the divorced and the divorcing.
  6. Divorce Forum, The - online forum for addressing all the issues surrounding divorce.
  7. Divorce Guide UK - comprehensive guide for anyone desiring information regarding divorce or separation.
  8. Divorce Site, The - resources including forms, laws, statistics, an divorce kit, and advice.
  9. Divorce Story - sells sketches expressing emotional effects of divorce. Also features story of divorce.
  10. Divorce Support - presents state laws, professional directories, books, documents, and more.
  11. Divorce, Nontraditional Families, and Its Consequences for Children - by Rhona Mahony.
  12. DivorceInfo - provides divorce survival skills, including coping with pain, managing lawyers, and keeping control of your divorce.
  13. DivorceNet - contains divorce, alimony, and custody information and resources.
  14. DivorceUK - covers divorce and separation in the U.K., including advice, key issues, and case studies.
  15. Don't Get Married! - It only gives lawyers a license to rob you.
  16. Flying Solo - life management resource for divorce and separation issues from the authors of a weekly newspaper column.
  17. It's not your Fault - guide from the NCH for parents, teenagers, and children affected by divorce.
  18. Nightmare Divorce - personal divorce story about the Wicked Witch of the East.
  19. - divorce support and message board for people under the age of 35 featuring message boards, statistics, and related links.
  20. - Family Law Resources - family law resource, with commentary and links on the high cost of divorce and custody law.
  21. State Divorce Laws - laws of the states and to tables summarizing some of their salient points.
  22. Trial Separation
  23. why? - questioning the failed marriages of Generation X.


Sexuality Related

  1. First Time Sex Intercourse  - offers advice on having sex for the first time.
  2. Dr. Ruth Online  - Dr. Ruth Westheimer's sexual advice column on iVillage.
  3. # 1 Adult Sexual Health Terms Advisor - definitions for sexual slang, swinger culture, positions, gay life, and more.
  4. 41 Intimacy Tips - so now you're in bed with her. What next?
  5. 69 Tips for Better Sex - offers sexual information and techniques, with an invitation for submissions.
  6. About SEX - information on anal sex, cunnilingus, positions, masturbation and more.
  7. Adult Sex Toy Advice - information on how to buy, use, and maintain sex toys.
  8. - advice from San Francisco sex educator Andrea Nemerson.
  9. - offers sex tips and information to give men and women better orgasms.
  10. Anal Advisor - column from Tristan Taormino, author of the Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women.
  11. Another Sex Tutorial - information on oral sex, AIDS, contraception methods and more.
  12. Ask Delilah - love, sex, and relationship expert from Oxygen.
  13. Ask Eve - ...anything!
  14. Ask Goddess Nicole - answering questions from men about women.
  15. Ask Isadora - a forum for mature discussion of sexuality and relationships.
  16. Ask Sandy
  17. Ask The Couch - the sex and relationship advice column you've always wanted but were afraid you'd ask!
  18. Ask the Expert: Kim Martyn - the sexual health expert answers candid questions about human sexuality and relationships.
  19. Ask The Sex Guy - ask sex guy Greg all your sex questions.
  20. Better Lover, The - offers romantic advice, stories, poetry, and chat.
  21. DooLittle, Dr. Ducky - former exotic dancer turned writer, performer, and sex therapist.
  22. Dr. Amy - offers healthy information about sex.
  23. Dr. Casanova's Seduction Clinic - Gives you practical tips on dating and seduction, based on interviews with real women. You'll never be left with no girlfriend and no date again!
  24. Elysa - team of teachers from the Department of Sexology at the Université du Québec à Montréal whose purpose is to give higher level information and advice on human sexuality.
  25. Entertainment Meets Sexual Health - fun and healthy sex education and advice from DJ and Physician Dr. Rachael.
  26. - guide to techniques, positions, erotic massage, oral sex, and more. Men and women share insight on the physical and emotional side of foreplay in forum discussions.
  27. Guide to Sex for Large Couples - discusses positions and attitudes towards sex for larger couples.
  28. Hedley, Sarah - Maxim magazine's resident sexpert.
  29. - offers herbal solution products, information, and advice.
  30. Hollander, Xaviera - the Happy Hooker's personal pages for all people wishing to share love and warmth.
  31. Increase Your Sex Drive - offering advice on how to increase your sex drive.
  32. Intimate Relationships - pyschiatrist and sex therapist Marvin Stone writes about intimacy and relationships.
  33. Joel's Salon - sensual salon for women 18 and over, hosted by former male exotic dancer who answers questions on beauty, romance, and female sexuality.
  34. Kinsey Institute Sexuality Information Service for Students (KISISS) - information on various sexuality topics, answers to users' questions, and local resources and events in the Bloomington area.
  35. Locker, Sari - sex and relationship educator, author, and TV personality.
  36. Love Bites - sex advice with an edge, from Sasha.
  37. LoveOnline - offers advice on relationships, sex and love.
  38. Lovers Guide, The - features tips on making love including FAQs and more.
  39. - articles and links to sexuality related matters.
  40. - offering online answers to questions about the penis.
  41. Maniac High's Pick Up Girls Guide and Seduction Website - "Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly."
  42. My Messy Bedroom - offers columns and advice from Josey Vogel.
  43. Patrick's "How To" Sex Guide - if for any reason you need to learn "technique" this is your guide. Perfect for closet case fratboys, or curious gay boys alike.
  44. Savage Love - weekly sex and relationship advice, as well as deserved chastising from guru Dan Savage.
  45. Sex Project, The - explores and discusses human sexuality in order to foster erotic learning, awareness, and pleasure.
  46. Sex Therapy - information and advice on relationship, sexual, and emotional issues.
  47. Sex Toy Guides - features articles about vibrators, dildos, and anal toys.
  48. Sexscape.Org - providing the world with objective and entertaining information about every aspect of sexuality.
  49. Sexual Intimacy Resource Center - resources and tips on improving sexual health for men and women.
  50. Sexuality Resource for Mothers - includes excerpts and advice from her book on mothers.
  51. Sex Games - provides suggestions for erotic group encounters.
  52. Sex Games II - more group sex activities for adult parties.
  53. Señor Sex - a fun and provocative site relating to sex advice, problems and humor.
  54. Suzi's Loveseat - provides seniors with a safe place to listen, talk, and explore their sex lives.
  55. Wet Spot - answers to all your sex questions delivered with humor and a high hipness quotient.