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:: Romance Guide ::

  1.  - stories, poetry, dedications, and commentaries about love. Send a Love-Gram postcard, chat, enter contests, or get a Smack of Romance!
  2.  - relationships and advice, web published poetry and online love stories, free love and holiday postcards and more.
  3. Amorantica - romantic and sweet poetry, electronic (and animated) love cards, a blind date service, love therapy.
  4. Anything Romantic - your online guide to romance.
  5. Blender of Love - an aesthetic review of the arts of romance with poems from romantics across the 'Net - a new digest every month.
  6. Crime Meets Love - mysteries with a romance or Valentine theme. Includes short mysteries, a mystery poem, true crime, three Valentine mysteries, and more.
  7. Cyber00 - discussion topics include dating, flirting, dumping, kissing, sex, and more.
  8. Don Juan's Romantic Web Site - help for those in need of romantic assistance, and a place to share knowledge for those who don't need assistance.
  9. eCRUSH - give the name or names of anyone you have a crush on. A match will automatically occur anytime that two people mutually list each other.
  10. Everything Romantic - features romantic poetry, literature, and music.
  11. - includes ideas and tips for spicing up the romance in a relationship.
  12. - love poetry, relationship advice, horoscopes, articles, and gift ideas.
  13. InspirationPoint Romance Newsletter - romantic ideas delivered to your desktop weekly from InspirationPoint. Site has romantic poetry, movies, music, and sample issues.
  14. Relationships - tips and advice for women on marriage, dating, romance, breaking up, sex, and other love and friendship issues through articles, chat, and message boards.
  15. Links 2 Love - flirting, kissing, dating advice and ideas, hundreds of love song lyrics, quotes and love poems.
  16. Lost Love Project - research by Nancy Kalish, PhD, on rekindled romances.
  17. Love Life Matters - offers resources for romantic relationships and sexual fulfillment.
  18. Love Police, The - arresting your attention with fun links if you're having trouble in a relationship.
  19. - all you need to know about love.
  20. LovePoetry - contains both classic and submitted love poems.
  21. - sites and resources relating to love, romance and relationships.
  22. Lurve-Web - includes stories, games, and links.
  23. Magic of Differences, The - describes why difficulties in relationships are blessings, and why differences are necessary for intimacy.
  24. Mark's Apology Note Generator - nothing says it better than "I'm sorry." But if you need help telling her, then I can help.
  25. Mark's Bitch Letter Generator for Women - empowering communication tool to tell that special someone how you really feel.
  26. Romance 101 - articles, cards, humor, poetry, advice, gift ideas, and more.
  27. Romance Network - advice, ideas, tips, and weekly love scripts for planning date nights.
  28. Secret - find out whether someone you like feels that way about you by sending an anonymous email message.
  29. Sheila's Kissing Booth - offers personals, chat, advice, book/music/movie recommendations, recipes, and more for romantics at heart.
  30. Singapore Love Spot - with chat, literature, lyrics, and advice on love.
  31. Spice Up Your Love Life Pages - hints and tips to get more romance in a relationship.
  32. - love astrology, cards, coupons, wallpapers, and translations of "I Love You" into dozens of languages.
  33. Wisely's Love Page